Monday, April 11, 2016

Adverse Impact Smartphone For Teenagers

Smartphone is an electronic device that is very popular among the people. Because the presence of smartphones almost inseparable in the community. This is because the usefulness of a smartphone that is not only used for communication tool, but a lot of things like play games for free, play apps, watching videos, listening to music, browsing the Internet, and other activities.

In general the existence of the smartphone will certainly facilitate the day-long activity. With the development of this technology certainly where smartphones will help ease the lives of many people. However unwittingly when the use of smartphones in excess will cause adverse effects for anyone. On this occasion will discuss some of the adverse effects of smartphones among adolescents.

Here are some recent Impact Smartphone Among Teens

Being vision impaired

The impact of smartphones among adolescents if too excessive in use is the vision becomes impaired. This is because when using a smartphone too long eye will be more tired because it continues to meet on a smartphone screen. In addition, users of smartphones use them while sleeping or in the condition of the room the less will be light. This is certainly going to disrupt the process of vision. Over time will disrupt the process of the eye becomes minus. So therefore to avoid this it is better not to use excessive smartphone.


Adverse effects among teenagers next smartphone is that it can cause headaches. Skait heads are not only caused by the problem of insomnia, but also can be caused by excessive use of smartphones. Many teenagers who currently own a smartphone. For those of you who often feel headache, may be caused due to the use of smartphones in the long term. Besides feeling dizzy, use of smartphones too long can also cause the eyes to become more tired.

Interfering Hearing System

The adverse effects if too much next smartphone is disturbing the auditory system. Many smartphone users who use their property for the purpose of watching videos as well as listening to music. Usually to listen to music or watch videos most users often use earphones with volume fast. When done excessively and constantly certainly would be bad for health hearing.

Abnormalities in Posture

Adolescence is an age in which growth becomes an important thing to note. Besides adolescence itself is very easy at all to feel happy about something no exception to play a smartphine. The more cool to play smartphone, even users forget to use it in the long term as well. Though it is not good for the body because it can bepengaruh on posture. The adverse effects of playing smartphone too long for the possibility of body posture is less robust or referred to slouch.

Reducing Social Interaction

The next is to reduce the adverse impact of social interaction. When someone uses a smartphone, they are much less care about the environment and other people. It dikareanakan they are cool to play with the smartphone. Though it is certainly not good for yourself. Less social interaction will tend not to have many friends. Well for that you should socialize with other people need to control the use of smartphones.

For other adverse effects of excessive use of smartphones such as mempertumpul one's memory, can cause addiction, it can lead obessitas, and other adverse effects.


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